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Distances between pension Algino and the main turistic objectives or road  

Campulung Muscel

The municipal Campulung Muscel it is a town situated in the depression with the same name, near the rever, at an altitude of 570-600 meters. 60 kilometers north - east you find a big town called Pitesti. Campulung was declared town in 1994 and it has approximate 42800 people. In 1292 is mentioned documentary and in 1300 is mentioned as a town so is the oldest town in Muntenia. In 1330 Basarab I establish his residence as first man of Tara Romaneasca. Later in 1369 capital is moved by Vladislav I at Curtea de Arges. Campulung is also famous because here was edited the oldest document written in Romanian language - called Neacsu letter from Campulung – to - Hans Benker. This letter contains information about ottoman army movements from this place of the country.

One of the famous touristic objectives is Negru Voda monastery who was build by Radu Neagu in 1215, and it was rebuild by his son, Basarab I and finished in 1351 by Nicolae Alexandru Basarab, Basarab I son.
On the premises of monastery is Matei Basarab house, but also Prior ship house build by Constantin Brancoveanu.



Other religious objectives that you can visit are:
- The church from Campulung built in 1567 by gospodar Petru Schiopu and Lady Chiajna
- "Baratia" Catholic - Romano church from Campulung build in the 13 th century. His famous tour was realized much later in 1730
- Subesti Church built in 1551 an rebuilt later in 1779.

Roman ruin JIDAVA

Roman Ruin Jidava - in stone and soil Castro, Jidava is situated in Salt Water district. Here you can find the ruins of the most important Castro, meaning the ex entrenched border from the territory that was won by Romans and free Dacia’s.


Dealul Matau (Matau Heal) - is the highest from Mioarele village. His altitude varies between 650-1017 meters. Is only 7 km away from Campulung Muscel.

Heroes mausoleum from Mateiasi

Mare village, Arges country. Known by the name of Mateiasi mausoleum situated on the heal with the same name is dedicated to the heroes that died in the war 1916 - 1918. Accomplished between 1928 - 1935 mainly from limestone, is composed from two side, first horizontal covers ossuary, walls which are place marble with the name of the soldiers that died doing their duties; the second one has the form of a tour, that ends up with same spiral steps. In the mausoleum are placed in 21 crypts over 2300 relics of soldiers. In the `80s this was amenable by a process of renovation and moderations, ending up with a face of monumental original complex. Near the mausoleum was build a museum where are exposed declarations with the fights that took place in autumn of 1916. Also inside were fixed up some scenes from the war, heroes’ faces, and actions of the population.

Pecineagu Baragge

Barajul Pecineagu (Pecineagu Baragge) - is a barrage with an altitude of 107m. Is situated on Dambovita River. It is used for fed with water electricity.


Dambovicioare cave

Pestera Dambovicioara (Dambovicioare cave) - is situated in the south side of Piatra Craiului massive and is has over 250 meters.


Iezer - Papusa massive

Masivul Iezer - Papupa (Iezer - Papusa massive) - is situated between Fagaras mountains and Piatra Craiului, mountains that are much known than Iezer - Papusa and because of that tourist doesn’t give much attention to Iezer - Papusa. Iezer pick has 2462 m and Papusa pick has 2391 m. Are much bigger than Piatra Craiului, their aria is also much bigger.

Rasnov fortress

Cetatea Rasnov (Rasnov fortress) - is situated on the old traditional way Brasov – Rucar -Campulung Muscel, that unite Transilvania to Tara Romaneasca. Rasnov Fortress has faced a lot of sieges, only one time his fighters were forced to open the gates in 1612 because they didn’t have any water. In the inside are kept the ruins of over 30 houses destineded to protect their people or their goods. One of the buildings is dateted by an inscription since 1562. Rasnov fortress has "sheltered" in 1600 Mihai Viteazu army after they’ve been defeated at Miraslau.

Castelul BRAN

Castelul Bran (Bran Castle) - has the name of a village that was build by the side of a village that unite Valahia by Transilvania, way situated inside of a passage  by the side of Bucegi mountains and Piatra Craiului, two important mountains of Carpati.

Bran Castle always was included in the tourist guide, because like the legend says, Dracula use to come here. Was build in 1382 by Brasov people, located on a very high rock to allow the view over the hole region.

In 1395 Mircea cel Batran took Bran Castle from Sigismund.

Entrance prices of Dracula Castle:
12 RON / person adult
6 RON / pupils / student / military
9 RON / photo fee
18 RON / camcorder fee
"Terrifying Castle"- 15 RON / person

Monastery Curtea de Arges

Manastirea Curtea de Ages (Monastery Curtea de Arges) - is one of the old places from our history and one of the famous price of art.

Poienari fortress

Cetatea Poienari (Poienari fortress) - four km away from Vidraru barrage, located on a high hill at a altitude of 860 m, place where Vlad Tepes was retired from the Turkish way. The access is even today a pain because is hard to ascend over 1480 steps.

Vidraru Baragge

Barajul Vidraru (Vidraru Baragge) - was set up in March 1966 and is placed on Arges River. It has a length of 28 km. It is placed between Fruntii and Ghitu mountains. The lakes gather other nine rivers as Capra, Buda and others. His debit is cca. 5,5 mb / s. His total surface is 393 ha, length 10,3 km and width of 2,2 km. Depth water is 155 m. The construction was done in five years and a half. Vidraru is the fifth in Europe and ninth in the world.

Balea Lake

Balea Lac (Balea Lake) - in summer time the way till there is accessibly; in winter time is inaccessibly because of the snow that can cause avalanches. To go to Balea Lake it can be done by rope way. Near Balea Lake is:

77 km – Sibiu
68 km – Fagaras
35 km - Curtea De Arges

Only 40 minutes away Balea chalet is the ideal place that tourist like most. Hear you can try some traditional meals and in winter time you can try ho wine. Is delicious. From here you can go to Negoiu hill that has 2535 m - is the second hill in Romania, and if u goes east you can find Moldoveanu hill that has 2544 m. In summer time (June - September) on the lake you can practice rowing.

Namaiesti Monastery

Manastirea Namaiesti (Namaiesti Monastery) - is located at 833 altitudes. The interior of the church is dinged in stone, the ceiling is also made of stone; there you can see a spire that has 4 windows; there are other 2 windows dinged in stone-one to the east one to the south that allows the light.

Monastery Cetatuia

Manastirea Cetatuia (Monastery Cetatuia) - is situated in Cetateni village, Arges county, 20 km south east from Campulung and 47 km north from Targoviste. Is located on the hills of a rock. It has paintings parts since the 14th century. Was rebuilding in 1915 - 1916. In the neighborhood were marks of an old house with two churches from the 13th century.

Mihaiesti Dendrological Park

Parcul Dendrolocic Mihaiesti (Mihaiesti Dendrological Park) - here you can find a lot of exotic trees like: Californian cypress. This exotic trees garden has a surface of 60 ha and it is protected by law.